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Many people choose to seek out therapy for many different reasons. Most importantly, deciding to attend therapy does not mean you are crazy, it is actually one of the bravest things you can do. It just means that you are looking for support and understanding about you and things that impact you. We have all needed help at some point in our lives and I am here to to remind you of that.

Understanding your mental health and how external influences can impact you will allow you to remove the shame that is often associated with therapy and start you on the course to living a healthier and happier life. Some of the issues that I can help with are anxiety disorders, depression, relationship problems, life transitions, stress management, anger management, trauma, personal growth, work place problems, and grief and loss. 


Growing up can be a great yet challenging times for teens. It is such a unique time in their life which can become so challenging due to issues within themselves, at home, or at school with their peers. Oftentimes  many issues that present themselves are ways for teens to communicate with the outside world. They do not always feel comfortable speaking with parents or family members about what is going on with them.

I believe that providing them the space to talk to someone without judgment and recourse allows the teen to feel heard and their feelings validated. Helping them navigate through issues can be a life long aide to help them learn proper coping skills and ways to manage stresses in their life. I also want to continue to help remove the stigma that counseling has and show them that therapy can be something fun and helpful. 


Adoption and foster care can lead to positive outcomes for many children. However, thousands of other children and teens placed in foster or adoptive homes may experience significant stress and trauma due to difficulty with the foster care system, problematic placements, and neglectful or abusive foster parents and siblings.


Even when children are adopted into loving homes, they may have conflicted feelings about being given up for adoption. Adoptive children may also experience stress or anxiety as a result of not knowing their background. These and other issues can often be explored through therapy. I specialize in working with adult adoptees who may still be struggling with the feelings associated with being adopted. 


We offer consultations with doctors, employers, and family members, as well as collaboration with schools and teachers upon request. All information is kept strictly confidential. If we are not able to treat your particular issue, we will work hard to find someone who can.  Some of the consultation services are: 

  • A through psychosocial evaluation that will assess for High Risk behaviors

  • A SWOT Analysis of your program/business

  • Individual and group consultation for Licensed Mental Health professionals 


Have you graduated from your masters program, only to find that you have not found the right clinical supervisor to help you on this next phase of your journey to licensure? Finding the right clinical supervisor can really impact what you do in the field of Mental health. It can determine the kind of clients you work with, the types of jobs that you take on, and what kind of trainings you are interested in. 

My approach to clinical supervision is to get to know you and your interests. What drives you to do the work you have been called to do, and how can you be the best counselor for your clients. In clinical supervision we will work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of the therapist/client relationships. The agenda is based on what we both determine your needs to be, as well as the work you are doing and how your feeling about that work. We also will work to ensure you are prepared to sit for your licensing exam. 

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